A Hopeful Sign For The Spring Market

Spring is the busiest season for home buyers. So, naturally, there's a lot of analysis of buying conditions as it approaches. Things like mortgage rates, the economy, prices, for-sale inventory, and buyer demand can all be used to get a feel for how busy or slow the season … [Read more...]

Money Is Main Motivator When Deciding To Buy

When surveyed, Americans who currently don't own a home consistently say they'd like to buy one someday. For example, the National Association of Realtors' Housing Opportunities and Market Experience survey asked non-homeowners whether homeownership is part of their American … [Read more...]

How Long Will You Live In The Home You Buy?

Everybody knows buying a house is a major financial commitment. But you're also committing your time. After all, if you're purchasing a home, you're likely thinking about staying awhile. But how long should you expect to live in the home you buy? Well, according to new … [Read more...]

One Way To Think About Mortgage Rate Increases

Affordability conditions over the past few years have been largely held in check by low mortgage rates. Potential home buyers could absorb higher home prices, since job market improvement had them feeling confident in their income and rates were still hovering near historic … [Read more...]

Experts Say Number Of Homeowners Set To Rise

A recent survey asked 100 real estate economists and experts for their housing market predictions. And though they had varied views on topics like mortgage rates, home values, and who will be most active in the market in years to come, they almost unanimously agreed on just … [Read more...]

Mortgage Demand Booms Following Holiday Slump

Demand for mortgage applications saw a dramatic jump last week, according to new numbers from the Mortgage Bankers Association. Overall, application demand was up 23.5 percent from one week earlier. A large share of the rebound was homeowners looking to refinance their loans … [Read more...]

Homeowners Get Realistic About Home Values

Having a good idea what your home is worth is important for a couple of reasons. As a homeowner, knowing how much equity you have in your house can be useful when weighing your options with regard to refinancing or home equity loans. As a potential home seller, it's even … [Read more...]

Americans Think It’s A Good Time To Sell A House

For many years following the housing crash, home buying conditions were excellent. Home prices had plummeted and mortgage rates were at historic lows. It was a buyer's market and a good deal for anyone who could take advantage. Unfortunately though, since prices had fallen … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates Continue Weeks Long Slide

That mortgage rates moved higher last year isn't news to anyone that's been thinking of buying a home. It seemed, just as home price increases started to slow, mortgage rates heated up. But, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's final Weekly Applications Survey of … [Read more...]

Americans Continue Moving South And West

Living close to family and friends is a priority for most home buyers. It consistently ranks high on the list of things buyers say they want in their next place. For that reason, most of us tend to stay close to home. But that's not to say there aren't Americans looking to … [Read more...]