Home Price Increases Continue To Slow

After rising sharply over the past two years, home price increases are now becoming smaller, more balanced, and more widespread. In fact, for the first time since July 2012, none of the 100 largest metropolitan areas experienced a price gain of 20 percent or more, according … [Read more...]

4 Common Misconceptions About Buying A Home

Though most Americans say they'd like to own their own home one day, there are a number of misconceptions about the buying process and current market that cause many to believe they won't be able to get financing or can't afford homeownership. According to a recent article … [Read more...]

The Average New Home Is Getting Bigger

Of the 569,000 new single-family homes that were built in 2013, most had air conditioning and two or more stories, according to a joint report released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Census Bureau. The annual report collects data on … [Read more...]

Survey Says Now Is A Good Time To Sell

A record number of surveyed Americans say they think now is a good time to sell a house, according to the most recent National Housing Survey from Fannie Mae. The results of the latest survey show 43 percent of respondents think now is the time to sell. And that's good news … [Read more...]