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Builders Optimistic About Affordable New Homes

Home builders wouldn't build new homes unless there was a demand for them. Knowing how many buyers are looking and what they're looking for is part of their job. Which means, they're a pretty reliable source if you're looking for information about what's happening in the … [Read more...]

Rent Increases At Fastest Pace In 10 Months

For many Americans hoping to make a move, the decision to rent or buy comes down to affordability. It isn't the only factor, of course. Depending on your job and lifestyle, there may be other reasons to prefer renting over homeownership. But there's no question money is a … [Read more...]

Mortgage Lenders Say Credit Standards Are Easing

If you're doing it right, the first step in your home-buying process will be talking with your lender. Your mortgage lender is the one who will be able to tell you whether or not you'll be able to buy and how much you'll be able to spend. In short, you won't get very far … [Read more...]

Home Buying Activity Picks Up As Rates Settle

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association's Weekly Applications Survey, average mortgage rates were mostly down last week. In fact, rates for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with conforming loan balances, loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration, and 15-year … [Read more...]

Many Buyers Opt For A Smaller Down Payment

For many Americans, coming up with a down payment to buy a house is the only barrier keeping them from pursuing homeownership. In fact, according to one recent survey, 40 percent of respondents said affording a down payment was the biggest thing that kept them from buying. … [Read more...]

Home Construction Surges To Start The Year

Among all the indicators that can be used to gauge the health of the housing market, few are as good as new home construction. After all, home builders wouldn't be building homes if they didn't think there were interested buyers. So, when new home construction is rising, … [Read more...]

Home Buyers See Purchase Power Rising

You can't always pick and choose when it's time to move. Maybe you found a job in another city or you have a growing family and need more space. Whatever the case, buying a home isn't something you necessarily do only when the deals are too good to pass up. Sometimes you … [Read more...]

Housing Index Finds Americans Confident But Cautious

There are so many individual factors that can sway someone's decision to buy or sell a house that it can be difficult to assess perceptions of the real estate market. But Fannie Mae's monthly Home Purchase Sentiment Index aims to do just that. By asking Americans about their … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates Hold Steady In Latest Survey

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association's Weekly Applications Survey, average mortgage rates were fairly steady last week from the week before. Rates saw slight increases across all loan categories including 30-year fixed-rate loans with both conforming and jumbo … [Read more...]

New Home Sales Surprise With December Gains

New home sales data from the end of last year was delayed because of the government shutdown. But, the now released numbers contain an unexpected surprise. That's because sales of newly built single-family homes rose nearly 4 percent in December from the month before. The … [Read more...]